• MRHS June Exam Schedule

    Click here for the June exam schedule for Grades 9-12.

  • Summer School Entrance Requirements

    1. Summer School will be offered at CENTRAL KINGS from Monday July 4th – Friday, July 15th (9:00-2:30).
    1. Summer School courses will be offered in Grades 9-12:
    • English (Academic and Communications)
    • Mathematics (Academic, Math at Work and Essentials)

    3. Potential Summer School students  can register in one of the following ways:

    • Through their own school before June 28th/  29th
    • Contacting the Summer School coordinator, Stan MacVicar at stan.macvicar@avrsb.ca 
    • On site at the CENTRAL KINGS between 8:20-9:00 on Monday July 4th

    4.    Changes to the Requirements:


    Students who failed The current course

    Students who passed

    Math 10

    • Mark must be at least 40%
    • Achieve an increased grade to a maximum of 20pts
    • Recommendation to take Math at Work 11
    •  3 modules – totalling 20 . Their mark can only increase by this much.
    • Ex-Student receives 41 in yearlong math 10. In summer school they complete 3 modules – totalling 20. 4/6, 4/6, 7/8= 15/20

    Their Final mark In math 10 after SS is 56%( 41+15=56)

    • Achieve a maximum of 20pts
    • Recommendation to take Math at Work 11 or Math 11


    • Ex-Student receives 51 in yearlong math 10. In summer school they complete 3 modules – totalling 20 . 4/6, 4/6, 7/8= 15/20
    • Their Final mark In math 10 after SS is (51+15=66%)


    All other Courses

                   All other  courses

    • Mark must be at least 35%
    • Achieve an increased grade to a maximum of 20pts
    • Ex- you have a 35% in your Math 11/English 11 course the maximum grade you can achieve after summer school is 55%
    • Ex: If a student has a 35%

    -They get a 50 ---Final mark is 50

    -They get a 55---Final Mark  is 55

    - They get a 60 –Final Mark is  55



    • Mark must be at least 35%
    • Achieve an increased grade to a maximum of 20pts
    • Ex you have a 60% in your Math 11/English course?


    -They get a 65 ---Final mark is 65

    -They get a 80---Final Mark  is 80

    - They get a 90 –Final Mark is  80





  • Unified Sport

    On May 26, students from MRHS participated in the first ever NS Special Olympics Unified Sport Basketball Celebration Day.  The purpose of Unified Sport is to bring together students with developmental disabilities and their peers to play collaboratively on a team.  This event brought together MRHS, Central Kings, and Horton High School to play some games and celebrate the success of the program.   Pictured below is the MRHS team huddled up before their first game.  A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Nathanael French, Ryan Cloutier, and Dylan Taylor leading the team.

  • Ticks and Lyme Disease Awareness

    Ticks and Lyme Disease Awareness

    At this time of year it’s important to be aware and careful in areas where there may be blacklegged ticks (also called deer ticks), which can carry the germ that causes Lyme disease. Please see the attached document on our school website below for important Public Health information on protecting against ticks and Lyme disease. Additional information and videos can also be found at www.novascotia.ca/hpp/cdpc/lyme.asp


  • Awards Night Recipients

    On Wednesday, May 18, MRHS hosted its annual Awards Ceremony followed by a video dance.  Click here for the award recipients.

  • Mason Smith Named Sport Nova Scotia's Male Team Athlete of the Month

    Mason Smith Has been named Sport Nova Scotia's Male team athlete of the month for his performance at the 2016 Canadian Goalball Championships in Quebec City, bringing home a gold medal after defeating British Columbia 2-0 in the championship game.

  • Visual Arts 12 and O2 class trip to Homegrown Skateboards in Lahave

    Students enrolled in Visual Arts 12 and O2 classes travelled to Homegrown Skateboards in Lahave this week to learn about the business and creative aspects of this Nova Scotian Company.

  • Middleton Regional High School Receives "Green" Rating From Valley Waste Management

    Based on Site inspections, driver consultations and transfer station follow ups over this school year MRHS received a Green rating from Valley Waste Management. 

    Green is the best colour when it comes to recycling so top grade

    Yellow is still in progress, some small issues, follow up will take place

    Red is not good, many issues, repeat issues, fines may result.

     Special mention from  Valley Waste, that MRHS was the best High School so far in each area from in school sorting to Custodial separation and bagging.

    What a team effort! Students, teachers, support staff and Janitors are doing a great job!

     Way to Go!



  • Class of 2016 All-Nighter 14 Wing Greenwood

    The class of 2016 had their all night event at 14 Wing Greenwood last Friday evening. The class is pictured here at Roo's Playhouse where games and Laser Tag were enjoyed by everyone even at 4;00 am when this picture was taken.

  • MRHS Students Participate in Highland Games

    Middleton Regional High School students joined students and staff of the Lawrencetown Education Center this week to participate in a Scottish Cultural experience complete with a Highland Games competition. Natacha Rowsell, Bailey George, Derek Smith, Connor McCabe and Mr. O'Malley are pictured above, Thank You to Mr. O'Malley for taking our team.

  • Fishing Exploratory at MRHS


    Students in grades 6-8 had the opportunity to explore different activities as a part of our exploratory program. Students pictured here travelled to the Annapolis River to try to catch a Shad.

  • Senior Band Tours Three Provinces

    Members of the Senior Band toured schools in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. They represented our school well by all accounts.

  • Grade 12 Face aux Questions Team wins competition

  • Acadia Sports Camps Partner with JumpStart

    • Acadia Athletics is again partnered with Canadian Tire Jumpstart for summer camp programs, helping to provide recreational opportunities for children and youth in financial need.  Jumpstart will cover the registration cost for each eligible participant to a maximum of $300.00.  Acadia has set the fee at $150.00 per camp.  If students are interested in this program, pamphlets may be picked up at the school office.

  • Self Help Web Address for E-mail

    This link will allow students and staff to set up e-mail accounts, migrate accounts, change passwords, reset e-mail passwords or synchronize accounts for the NSPES and GNSPES systems.



  • Breakfast For Learning

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